Yanson Group of Bus Companies

OVY: Goldstar Bus Transit sees better prospects for 2022


Businesswoman Olivia V. Yanson sees better prospects for the public transportation sector as the government eases up COVID-19 mobility restrictions.

The Yanson matriarch delivered her statement on February 7, 2022, during the annual stockholders’ meeting of Goldstar Bus Transit Inc. (GBTI) sees better prospects, one of the companies under the Yanson Group of Bus Companies. GBTI is plying major routes in Luzon.

Olivia said that putting the key cities of the country under Alert Levels 3 and 2 is a good indication that the government is easing people’s mobility to travel for work or leisure to spur economic activities.

“Mobility directly translates into a bigger demand for public transport. This is a big relief to the transport industry,” Yanson said.

During the annual meeting of GBTI, Olivia V. Yanson, Leo Rey Yanson, Ginnette Y. Dumancas, Atty. Collin Derk Y. Isidto, Hernan B. Omecillo, and Danny O. Lorenton were re-elected as members of the board.

Stockholders Roy V. Yanson and Ricardo V. Yanson Jr. were absent despite due notices sent to them, GBTI said in a statement.

Roy and Ricky are believed to be out of the country, together with their sisters Emily V. Yanson and Ma. Lourdes Celina Yanson-Lopez.

Leo Rey V. Yanson said the company is committed to providing the riding public with the most reliable means of public transportation amid the challenges of the pandemic.

A Bacolod City court, in an October 2021 decision, granted Olivia the mandate to oversee and administer the estate of her late husband Ricardo Yanson who co-founded with Olivia in 1968 the Yanson Group of Bus Companies

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