Yanson Group of Bus Companies

Ceres Owner Leo Rey Yanson and YGBC Sends 22 New Buses to Help Transport ASEAN Games Football Players
YGBC Sends 22 Buses to Help SEA Games Teams


BAYANIHAN is alive these days. Instead of criticizing, most Filipinos choose to silently support in any way they can.

One of those is the. Vallacar Transit Incorporated – VTI and the Yanson Group of Bus Companies (YGBC) under the leadership of its President LEO REY YANSON and OLIVIA V YANSON.

When the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) asked for our help, we never hesitated. We readily deployed 22 of our newest world-class buses to assist and transport the players of the ASEAN Games.
This video is a snippet from ABS-CBN news TV Patrol tonight.
We are one with the Filipinos as we show the best of the Philippines and the Filipinos to the world!