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Rural Transit (Mindanao) Inc. Reaffirms Commitment to Mass Transport as Key Driver of Economic Growth
Leo Rey Yanson

Leo Rey Yanson, the incumbent Chairman and President of Rural Transit (Mindanao) Inc. (RTMI), successfully re-elected, underscoring the company’s unwavering resilience and dedication to serving both Filipino commuters and commerce. Despite operational challenges, RTMI stands resolute in delivering efficient transportation services throughout Northern and Central Mindanao.

In a demonstration of fortitude amid adversities, Leo Rey Yanson secured his re-election during RTMI’s annual stockholders’ meeting on February 14, 2024. The occasion marked a significant milestone, reinforcing the company’s commitment to enhancing the travel experience for Filipino commuters and supporting regional commerce.

A Resounding Vote of Confidence

The re-election of Leo Rey Yanson, a highly regarded businessman, as the Chairman and President of RTMI, sends a clear message of continuity and stability to the company’s stakeholders. Accompanying Yanson, the reappointment of Anita Chua and Daniel Nicolas Golez as officers and directors further solidifies the leadership team, which has successfully navigated the company through operational challenges.

Leo Rey Yanson Re-elected as Chairman and President of Rural Transit (Mindanao) Inc.

Committed to Serving the Filipino People

Addressing the hurdles faced by RTMI, Yanson reassured the public that the company remains unwavering in its mission. The commitment is to deliver reliable and efficient transportation services to commuters and businesses in Northern and Central Mindanao. He emphasized that the company’s strength and resilience are anchored in its steadfast commitment to serving the Filipino people.

A Legacy of Excellence in Public Transportation

As a integral part of the Yanson Group of Bus Companies, the largest bus conglomerate in the country, RTMI boasts a proud legacy of excellence in public transportation. Operating major bus routes in Northern and Central Mindanao, the company connects communities and propels commerce in the region. With Leo Rey Yanson’s re-election as Chairman and President, RTMI is well-positioned to continue its growth and expansion. Solidifying its standing as a leader in the public transportation sector.

Today’s re-election of Leo Rey Yanson as the Chairman and President of RTMI serves as a testament to the company’s resilience, commitment to service, and a distinguished legacy of excellence. As RTMI navigates through the challenges of the public transportation sector. RTMI remains steadfast in its mission to serve the Filipino people. Additionally, the company continues to contribute to the economic growth of the region.