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Misleading claim of Yanson 4 Legal Counsel Rebutted


Misleading claim of Yanson 4 Legal Counsel Rebutted!

The law firm Madrid Danao & Associates, counsel for Vallacar Transit Inc.’s management, insisted on Friday that the Court of Appeals Cebu affirmed a Bacolod court’s warrant of arrest and hold departure order against four Yanson siblings (Yanson 4) who are reportedly hiding overseas for the non-bailable offense of qualified theft.

The law firm, speaking thru Atty. Peter Paul Danao, disputed the statement by Atty. Sigfrid Fortun, who represents the Yanson 4, that the CA-Cebu had allegedly nullified the warrant issued by Bacolod City Regional Trial Court Branch 44 Presiding Judge Ana Celeste Pinero Bernad on December 2, 2022 in Criminal Case No. 20-52097.

The Firm’s Statement

“True, the CA Cebu in its decision dated September 14, 2022 initially voided the original warrant of arrest issued by the lower court for failing to comply with her constitutional mandate. However, Atty. Fortun omitted that the lower court, in compliance with this CA Cebu decision, subsequently issued a revised and expanded Order dated 02 December 2022 discussing and finding probable cause against the Y4. The CA Cebu then affirmed this in its Resolution dated 21 June 2023” Danao said in a statement.

Danao said that in the same Resolution dated 21 June 2023. The CA Cebu even praised the lower court for issuing its December 2, 2022 order declaring that it “was an exercise of her inherent power to amend and control the court’s processes and orders as to make them expeditious and still conformable to law”.

“If Atty. Fortun claims that there is no existing valid warrant for qualified theft against Y4. Then why did he appeal the CA Resolution dated June 21, 2023 to the Supreme Court? And more curiously, why are the Y4 still in hiding abroad since March 2020?” Danao said.

The Yanson 4 also face warrants of arrest issued in 2020 for several crimes such as non-bailable carnapping in Criminal Case Nos. 20-51587 to 89 and grave coercion in Criminal Case No. 20-03-34459.



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