Yanson Group of Bus Companies

Rural Transit of Mindanao Incorporated

In 1981, the Yansons ventured to Mindanao. They bought out Fortune Express and Bachelor Express, both Cagayan de Oro-based bus companies in 1985, and formed Rural Transit of Mindanao. However, the formation of Rural was divided from Bachelor Express when the former owners of Bachelor and Yanson Group agreed to retain the name Bachelor Express as one of the conditions of the contract of sale. Bachelor Express was then named as Bachelor Express Inc.

In 2005, they bought out Lilian Express Inc. and sister company Mary May Express, its fiercest business rival, and became the dominant transit company in the island of Mindanao. This expanded their operations to the whole Western Mindanao, making Rural as the predominant transport operator in the Mindanao Region.

Bus Brands under Rural Mindanao Incorporated / Bachelor Express Incorporated: