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Mindanao Star Bus Transport, Inc. holds annual meeting of stockholders. OVY and LRY remain in the helm.

The effects of COVID has caused a terrible blow to almost all industries. The transportation industry was not spared. Since March, Vallacar Transit, Inc. (VTI) has not seen any operations. Until now, Vallacar Transit cannot even fully serve most areas in its line of operations due to the quarantine protocols. The existing health safety protocols also mean that only a few of the commuting public can be accommodated in a bus. Despite this, Vallacar has always strived to provide to all its employees.

With the widespread news of various businesses folding and filing for bankruptcy, the management wants this company to survive the pandemic in order to continue providing employment for the thousands of families dependent on it.

This involves making difficult decisions so that everyone can stay afloat. We know that what we asked from our drivers and conductors require great sacrifice on their part. But everyone in the company did their share as well with all employees seeing significant reduction of work days and substantial reduction of salaries. This is necessary if we want our company to survive.

The decision of reduction of 50% tripping allowance starting this January 2021 was made in consultation with the union leaders. This tripping allowance was given unilaterally last year as an act of generosity by the management. While some factions of the Victorias drivers and conductors may not like the decision, most of the company drivers and conductors understand that, as members of one family, they need to do whatever they can. Moreover, during the Labor-Management meeting, they were made to understand that this is a temporary situation. Management undertook to restore this benefit by the end of March 2021.

Let it be repeated that the actions of some of the Drivers and conductors in Victorias are not shared by the entire population of the company’s drivers and conductors who, at the end of the day, would just want to provide for their respective families.

With regard to their second issue of transparency, every benefit and deduction is all reflected in their pay slips. Should any drivers and conductors wish to be clarified they can always go to their union officers for explanation. The Bacolod North Branch Finance Manager is also very much available and willing to explain.

We ask these drivers and conductors to pursue a more peaceful channel rather than resorting to an illegal strike and coercing some of their fellow drivers to stop driving. The actions of these disgruntled few only hurt the riding public who, even now, are suffering the inconvenience of having reduced volume of buses due to the pandemic.

We would also like to extend our apologies to the riding public in Victorias. We will immediately redirect some of our remaining buses to your area so that your commute remains unhampered.


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